Binario est une groupe de musique de Ipanema, Rio De Janeiro, et l`album est vraiment  digne d’une attention particulière. On avait deja recu de l`attention des blogs comme Soundroots, Another Night On Earth, Glasswerk et en plus, le Clash magazine (GB), l`AU magazine, VICE, Rock n Reel et Mojo ont ecrit des articles sur Binario. DJs Gilles Peterson a BBC Radio 1, Ross Allen @ Ministry Of Sound et Tom Schnabel etc @ KCRW ont joue Binario sur leurs emissions radiophoniques. Ecoutez Binario sur myspace et youtube! myspace.com/binario youtube.com uk.youtube.com Far Out Recordings boldly move from their popular Brazilian catalogue to the guerrilla sound of Binario’s self titled debut album. The band from Ipanema Beach brings the sound of Rio’s underground to ‘Binario’ with rhythmically rich and sonically expansive tracks full of intrigue and originality. A seven strong gang, Binario have captured their unique mix of psychedelia, guitar fuzz, electronica and tripped out space funk. Recreating the passion of their wild live shows, where the gear is wired to car batteries to blast their illicit grooves to Rio’s beaches, Binario’s layered sound mixes brooding instrumentals with futuristic freak outs and Portuguese scat vocals to produce one of 2008’s most exciting debuts. myspace.com/binario MAXIMOPARK Good Day To You All… For all of you who aren’t aware – the band are currently in Los Angeles with Nick Launay and have commenced recording their third album! There’s a studio video on our YouTube channel and a couple of blog posts from the studio on the Maximo website for all to see.  We have also tidied up the site a little, expect more on that front in the near future. Keep checking the site regularly to stay informed… maybe even subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest. READ THE STUDIO BLOGS AT MAXIMOPARK.COM maximopark.list CAZALS  La sortie de « What Of Our Future ? » premier album du groupe londonien est repoussée au 26 Janvier (Kitsune / The Hours / AZ). Ils seront en concert le 20 Novembre chez Régine a Paris Bio, infos et détails : ici url.aart07.net


Dick Annegarn - Bruxelles



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