Gemballa launches million-dollar Porsche

Mode / 08/08/2008

If you think it doesn’t get much better than a Porsche, then you’re absolutely right. Unless, of course, you’re in a position to buy one of German firm Gemballa’s bespoke Porsches, currently being touted to South-East Asia’s wealthy elites for about €400,000 (£317,000) on top of the normal purchase price. The 650bhp Avalanche GTR-650 EVO is based on the Porsche 996, while the GT 380 is based on the 911 Carrera S coupé, and while South Korea is Gemballa’s top market at present, China is expected to overtake its Asian neighbour soon enough. Customers can give their Porsche the Gemballa treatment locally or order one to their individual requirements from Germany, and modifications range from total engine rebuilds to new interiors, suspensions and body kits. Asked if his company was improving on perfection, founder Uwe Gemballa told Reuters: « You can’t say so. Porsche is already a good car. They could do what we do. But we are more flexible, we concentrate on a small niche group of customers. » He continued: « I won’t say we make it better, we make it different. » READ MORE


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