Un texte prémonitoire de Marie Möör (Barney Wilen, Christophe…), des harmonies sophistiquées, un clip de Benoit Forgeard et Natacha Seweryn. Une chanson d’aujourd’hui. « J’allais sortir ce morceau à la fin de l’année avec mon prochain album, mais les paroles de Marie Möör ont une résonance particulière actuellement » (B.B.).

Bertrand Burgalat - Vous êtes ici

You are here
paroles Marie Möör, traduction Emma Piesse
musique Bertrand Burgalat

You are here
Place d’Italie
You are here
In the 13th district of Paris
You are here in a room with crimson curtains
You’re right here, in my bedroom
Yes it’s my bed, but in my mind I’ve already left
To somewhere by the sea, somewhere like Capri

You are here.
At the exact point of the time rift,
In the glowing turbulent turquoise, the harsh turquoise of our lives

You are here where the masked wolves rest, the sweet panthers, and where golden powdery horizons still breathe

You are here
Here in the bleeding mountains made of rocks of noble descent

You’re there where I fled to.. to the tilted forests that ripple in the sea in the distance
There are islands of green hair, beds of moss and sweet pink sugar of pearl palms, where the moon falls down on the valleys full of fierce shadows far far away in the dunes

You’re here. Google Earth says so
You’re here under the Big Dipper
You’re here, I’m over there, we’re all in this together

You’re here, your app says so
At the exact point of the time rift.
where the passage of time sets space ablaze with itself
There where the dream begins right here

Where this heart beats and this hurtling dream melts into something living,
in that instant, and yet blends in alive
You’re here
Located. In San Diego or Delhi, on Mars or in Pennsylvania
Is that me ? Is it you dreaming ? Is it your living person who is dreaming that I’m here… Out there among the worlds
You slip and topple over and just as you fall pfeww…
You’re with me and you take off and fly…