Concrètement perdez du poids ou perdez du pognon, une manière originale de vous contraindre à perdre du poids ! Lose It or Lose It is an innovative online service that enables you to design your own 10-week weight loss plan and track your progress, and also gives you tools and incentives to keep you motivated and help you achieve your weight loss goals. The idea is very simple – you set a goal for yourself to lose a certain number of pounds per week and then give us how much money you want to put on the line if you don’t make your goals (we like to think of this as your investment in losing weight). The process starts with an initial weigh-in, and then there are 10 weekly weigh-ins after that. If you miss a weigh-in or if you fail to achieve your weekly weight goal, as verified through the weekly weigh-ins, a “penalty” will be deducted from your investment (please see the next section for how these penalties are calculated). In other words, lose the weight or lose your investment. That is why a Lose It or Lose It investment is different from a financial investment — there is no expectation of getting your investment back unless you achieve the goals you set for yourself. You will receive e-mail reminders to make sure you weigh in each week during the required timeframe. In addition, you must designate two or more “accountability friends” who must agree to receive e-mails about your progress so that they can spot you. At least two persons must agree to be accountability friends before you can start your plan. Your accountability friends will receive up to two e-mails a week about the results of your weigh-ins and certain other events, for example, if you fail in weigh in. Who Can Use Lose It or Lose It? Any resident of the United States who is 18 years of age or older.