Fresh off Kissy Sellout’s Radio 1 playlist, HavocNDeed are back for their sophomore release on Play Me Records entitled « Headspin » (PLAY010), featuring the massive vocal stylings of Skaught Parry, and remixes from Robb G, King and Pawn. Headspin is a big vocal release with potential for mainstream crossover. We’re hearing radio play and CSI licensing in their potential future! But for those who prefer the dubbier side of things, the King & Pawn remixes deliver a more subdued vibe, while Robb G made one straight for the ravers. Play Me is also excited about the new Lea Luna & Mike Balance track « Thrill of the Chase »(PLAY011). Its an electro banger with Lea’s sexy double entendres seducing you into her sinful web of sound. The remixes are hot, with SPL delivering a storming dubstep mix, J.Rabbit coming fresh with some halftime jump-up drum & bass, a soca-tinged mix from Flinch of True Pseudo, and a solid breaks twist from Run Riot. In support of these releases, Play Me Records is happy to have some exclusive 320k downloads for your ears. First up is a uniquely HND-styled remix of the classic N.W.A. song « Dopeman ». Its got a wickedly useful tempo change from 140 to 180 to 90 for all sorts of transitioning possibilities within a set. Next, HavocNDeed and J. Rabbit have each remixed another Play Me artist, B. Rich, and here are both their takes on crowd favorite « Ball Harder ». Additionally, J. Rabbit has done a tight dubstep re-lick of N.E.R.D’s « Rockstar », and last but definitely not least, a song which people have been foaming at the mouth for, SPL’s Remix of Drake’s « Forever ». Enjoy the sounds of awesome from Play Me! Daft Punk – Drake – Major Lazer – DOWNLOAD HERE N.E.R.D. – N.W.A. & More – DOWNLOAD HERE  Also, for extra credit here’s a DJ mix from label head Reid Speed with Whiskey Pete