Mile End Records brings you its latest release; “Fascination Reworked” by hot production and dj team My Favorite Robot, the hardworking duo composed of Jared Simms and Voytek Korab. Turning it into an instant electro classic, the song’s ever-familiar lyrics once rendered popular by Robert Smith’s gasping, breathy, quasi-mournful voice have been reinterpreted by My Favorite Robot’s very own Voytek Korab,  delivering a more soothing contemplation albeit Voytek’s intense, haunting vocal demeanor. Omid16b, is at the helm with a foot stomping skin tingler. This electrifying groove is laced with atmospheric synth pads, layer upon layer of flawlessly incorporated sounds, bass and breakbeat. The Elevator People round it out with a deep and funky old school house jam…not to be missed.
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