It’s been called the best club in the known universe; whether you feel the same way pretty much depends on whether you can get through the door. If you’re not a celebrity, a model or a millionaire it’s about as easy as getting a green card, but once inside expect the kind of designer style and deluxe swagger that New York has not known since the days of Studio 54. Set over two floors, a small dance floor ringed by plush banquettes is the centerpiece, with a glittering chandelier hanging over it all. Model waitresses serve model customers in those banquettes, while private rooms with rippled red walls provide a quiet break from the siren-hot scene. This part of Chelsea has seen an explosion of exclusive new clubs and bars in the past year. Marquee is the hottest of the lot.  289 Tenth Avenue, New York, 10001 Tel: 1 646 473 0202  Source :