Mauro Picotto | Alchemy  Remix by Sasha Carassi | Yousef Circus  ALCDG014 Having set our dancefloors alight with last years album “2010”. Our Italian hero, Mauro Picotto shows that his musical locker is fit to burst, by announcing the release of his brand new long player, “TwentyEleven”. Spot the trend? Another bountiful collection of dancefloor weapons, that once again range from the hard and heavy to the tough and housey. All with that unmistakable Picotto funk and groove. “Monogram” is the first single from the new album, and sees Mauro displaying those qualities in abundance. Its percussive opening is ramped up by its weighty bassline and rasping hi-hats. Drum rolls announce the first drop, as the beautiful melody devilishly allows us a glimpse. The drums roll on, as the melody teases yet more, before the turbines engage and we are shot into the main break of the track. Remix packages on Mauro’s releases are always a treat. Last year’s album saw an abundance of big name producers lend their talents, so we can be sure that “TwentyEleven” will follow suit. First up, an given the task of reworking “Monogram” are two producers who are currently at the top of their game. Sasha Carassi (Drumcode/Globox) is fresh off the back of his stunning remix of Slam’s “Collecting Data”. Renowned for his ‘take no prisoners’ techno, Sasha’s ability to create raw power, with a solid- groove backbone, is always impressive. His mix of “Monogram” drives from the off. Its electronic throb, gives us the picture of a caged animal. Calmed only by the touch of the breakdown. Yousef is a man on a mission. Since his 2009 Cocoon release, he has come into his own, with his releases for Saved, Harthouse and Intec, and remixes for Bek Audio and MBF, placing him firmly at the front of the finest record boxes. His rework of “Monogram” is a snare-heavy affair. With battling drums, and a lazy bassline, it only needs a killer breakdown, and Yousef delivers with aplomb. Completing a stunning package is Mauro’s very own ‘Dub’. A fantastic attack of the drums, and finer way to close, you will not find.