Catenaccio Records Remix by The Result | S-max CCCO012 the french born, berlin based producer & dj aline raphael, is the great new talent out of the club der visionäre & catenaccio records environment. “paradis artificiel” is her first release, she shows her own definition of groove noir, the special genre and final destination of catenaccio records. alongside her two original tracks there are remixes of The Result (aka benjamin fehr – catenaccio labelhead -& falko brocksieper) and s-max (7th city & telegraph fame, co-owner of the fabulous boogizm records). aline raphael’s unique sound is sophisticated and deep, she shows her extraordinary attitude towards sound design and atmosphere beyond the unified standards of our times. the The Result remix is characterized by a cool and driving acidline – the deepest parts of paradis artificiel integrated, it pushes your dancefloor towards wider spaces and highers your mental level s-max is fullfilling the high quality standards of his marvellous clonky univers with a groovey chicagoesque bass line that keeps you moving your ass. catenaccio records is very proud to launch aline’s promising carreer with that unique distinctive release. keep that in mind.