PureItaly offers a selection of charming villas and holiday homes set in the most beautiful regions of Italy

Boasting a blend of delicious food, beautiful landscapes and cultural attractions, Tuscany is classic Italy. The cities of art of Pisa, Siena and Florence – birthplace of the Renaissance – with their rich culture draw millions of visitors to the region every year; whereas the stone farmhouses set amongst the softly rolling hills of the Chianti area, planted with cypress trees, exert an irresistible attraction on eminent personalities and international celebrities. Lesser known than the neighboring region of Tuscany, the small, centrally located Umbria region is also steeped in centuries of history and offers a wealth of culinary, cultural and historical attractions. Known also as the « green heart of Italy », Umbria is a favourite destination for art lovers looking for relaxing holidays.

Tuscany has been capturing the hearts and minds of travellers for hundreds of years. From Goethe to Stendhal, from Sting to Michael Douglas, the list of writers and celebrities, past and present, who have chosen Tuscany as their favourite holiday destination, is long. The impressive cities of art, the outstanding landscape beauty, the mild climate and the excellent quality of life make this region an irresistible holiday destination.

Tuscany is so firmly lodged in the British national consciousness that the most popular areas of Tuscany have become known as “Chiantishire”. No one can help falling in love with this region,  with its softly rolling hills – planted with the slim cypress trees that give the landscape its characteristic appearance – its towns and villages world famous for their art and architecture. Let PureItaly tempt you to a luxury holiday in the most beautiful places Tuscany and Umbria have to offer. pureitaly.com