Swide’s Fall 2010 Menswear trend review
Not content with bringing you some backstage love, Swide also spent this past fashion week scrutinising every runway show so as to bring you our very own take on the major trends of Fall 2010. http://dg-news.mag-news.it

 Damir Doma: the quiet that caused the storm
Amongst the artists that inspire Swide are more than painters and filmmakers and starting from this week we shall be looking at designers who think somewhat outside the fashion box. Of all places to start it seemed that Paris-based designer young Damir Doma was the most fitting. http://dg-news.mag-news.it

 Dreaming life through rose-tinted accessories
There is little space for our inner romantics in these somewhat cynical times. Create a chic pink bubble of your own to live out your fantasies of a vie en rose; leaving your pink nest to face the grey won’t even be necessary as your computer becomes your favourite personal shopper… dg-news.mag-news.it