L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon If you seek innovation in the moribund world of haute French cuisine, this is where to find it. Dona A plush midtown restaurant of the old school, but with cutting-edge Mediterranean cooking. Buddakan The depth and quality of the menu is a bit of a miracle, given the vast, potentially disastrous venue. Del Posto Hard-core Batali addicts are right to complain about the kitschy setting. But as usual, there’s nothing wrong with the grub. Morimoto If you can tune out the disco rabble, the Iron Chef’s omakase alone is worth a visit. The Little Owl The city’s best new neighborhood joint (pictured; it’s in the West Village), serving the best pork chop in town. A Voce It’s a nice room, especially at lunchtime, and considering chef Andrew Carmellini’s talents, the cooking will only get better. Country Avoid the downstairs café portion at Geoffrey Zakarian’s newest dining outpost, and head upstairs for the $105 prix fixe. Telepan The best new Haute Barnyard cooking above 60th Street, and possibly below. Order anything involving eggs. Sfoglia Our favorite new uptown restaurant of the year. And given the crowds, lots of others’, too. http://nymag.com