Jacek Sienkiewicz | Recognition Records R-EP029 In the world of factory presets, default settings and copy-paste ethics, there are few artists that actually care to make a difference. And “Who Told You That?”, 29th release on Warsaw Recognition label, is certainly a voice to be heard. The title track is another subtle narrative from label boss Jacek Sienkiewicz. Eerie chord and a solid, damp beat from the start are underpinned by sherds of dialogue – snippets of words and laughter keep coming back in the mix, providing some sort of uneasy commentary towards todays minimal house formula. But at some point the voices disappear – and then the tracks gently goes somewhere outside the boundaries of todays club music, somewhere otherworldly. This shift, albeit amazingly subtle, is a leap towards music free of any defined context, far beyond dancefloor and definitely original. If this sneak peak into the possible futures of man-machine induced visions is too much to handle, there is still the B-side of this release. Two tracks here – both clocking around mere 5 minutes – are prime exercises in compact, clever, tight and efficient club tools. Uplifting “Cobalt Drive” is bound to to be quoted and reworked into many forms of a late-night burner. “Patefon”, on the other hand, is a peak-time stormer with its stuttering chords and moody samples, supposedly picked from some vintage shellac discs. As tribal as it gets, this miniature novel reveals new meanings with each listen…. “incredibly good” Sven Schäfer (Raveline) “have to agree with my colleague: incredibley good! ” Alexis Waltz (Groove Magazine/De:Bug) “so muss Techno anno 2010 klingen. Entspannt und groovy.” Raveline “very much like the groove of who told you that but my favorite is cobalt drive. lovely release!” Electric Indigo “amazing trippy stuff.” Dario Zenker (Harry Klein) “strong EP – very cool – digging this and playing” Slam (Soma Records)